Yorba Linda Beats Esperanza!



              “Players are excited and have had a very good week of practice.  So I think they will play well tonight.” Said head coach Jeff Bailey. Yorba Linda beat Esperanza 23-10 in an exciting game Friday, September 20. The game was in Yorba Linda ’s favor practically the whole game. They led the match since the start.
             “Thought it was very good game!!  Being a Rivalry game, the atmosphere and intensity of the teams and crowd made it an exciting experience.  Obviously I am glad we won, but it is what makes high school football awesome!!” said the varsity coach. “With the tension during a rivalry game as big as this one all of the fans were on the edge of their seats. It was so loud when one team scored you could barely hear yourself think!” Said fan Trevor Barkley. “Considering that it was a varsity football game I can’t say I’m surprised” Trevor said.
             The game ended with a bang when Yorba Linda’s quarterback took the final kneel to end the game but one of Esperanza’s defenders still came after the quarterback after the kneel. This commenced a fight with the defender and the quarterback. The two teams pull apart the fighters and go back to the sidelines. The teams settle their differences, shake each other’s hands and head to the locker rooms.