BYMS Performing Band and Orchestra Set to Participate in the SCSBOA Music Festival

(Photo of Mr. Gunderson giving the band advice about their performance taken by Victoria Quintero)

(Photo of Mr. Gunderson giving the band advice about their performance taken by Victoria Quintero)


 BYMS Performing Band and String Orchestra will participate in the SCSBOA Adjudicated Music Festival on Wednesday, March 30th. 


Three judges will evaluate each music program. Each of the groups will be performing three pieces, chosen by the BYMS musical director, Mrs. Crecia. The Performing Band will be playing Andromeda Overture, As Twilight Falls, and Furioso, while String Orchestra will be playing Simple Gifts, Loch Lomond, and Fancy Fiddles.


Andrew Pastor, a cellist in the BYMS orchestra, said, in an interview with the  Matador Messenger, “I feel that we have come far. If you look at the pieces we played at the beginning of the year versus now, they have gotten a lot more difficult.” Mrs. Crecia also stated, “they have progressed so, so very much compared to the very beginning of the year – especially even last year during covid to now”. 


These music students have been practicing and working hard to prepare for this event. Kiyone Tsuchida, a student in both band and orchestra, stated. “I practice at least an hour a day. I make sure to spend time on the hard part of the pieces and not waste time playing the easy part.”


Additionally, the Concertmaster of the BYMS String Orchestra, Zoey Hsu, stated, “I am preparing for the event by continuously practicing the selected pieces for the festival, and listening to the actual music repetitively, occasionally playing along with it. I am now nit-picking and working specifically on the places throughout the music that I feel that need more work on.” 


To prepare the orchestra and band as a group, Mrs. Crecia hosted a performance and had a judge from the SCSBOA come and critique the performances. This performance was hosted on March 16, 2022. Good luck to all musicians at the performance!