Dashing through the Snow: How to Stay Safe When Snowboarding and Skiing


While skiing and snowboarding can be safe and easy, researchers at John Hopkins estimate around 600,000 people get injured or killed yearly.


The best advice a person can get is simple: don’t ever go alone. If you get injured or lost, it can be hours, days, or weeks before somebody finds you, and by then it may be too late. 


Another simple way to stay safe when snowboarding/skiing is to wear the proper protective gear. You also should wear warm clothing, as this will prevent hypothermia. Make sure that when you are snowboarding or skiing that you follow every instruction you are given. Don’t try tricks you know you can’t do. Palegaladvice.com states that you should “…Know your limits.” Don’t try a difficult slope if you aren’t ready for it.”


Probably one of the most important things you can do to remain safe is to drink water. Water helps your body maintain a safe temperature, and according to cdc.gov it can, “lubricate and cushion joints,” and “protect your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.”

You also should make sure you are paying attention to signs. If the ski company took the time to install that sign, it’s probably for good reason. These signs could alert you that you are reaching the edge of the designated slope path, or that you need to slow down in a certain spot. 


Some of the most common injuries include wrist injuries, head injuries, knee injuries, and ankle injuries. The easiest way to avoid a wrist sprain or break is to consider buying wrist guards. They offer an extra line of protection from anything that might injure you. For head injuries, you guessed it, wear a helmet. Even though you may think a helmet makes you “less cool”, you still should wear one, as it can protect vital bones and organs.


Knee injuries can be avoided the same way you can avoid wrist injuries: just buy some protective gear. Ankle injuries are pretty common, as most snowboarding and skiing are done by the ankle. Purchase some strong boots, and do less dangerous tricks.