KleinVision’s AirCar Makes Flying Cars a Reality

KleinVision’s AirCar Makes Flying Cars a Reality

With the 2000s, new technology has developed as far as one’s imagination can reach. There is now the AirCar, a driveable automobile that can transform into a plane-like flying vehicle.

Most small flying vehicles only hover above the ground, but the futuristic design of the AirCar allows it to reach speeds up to 118 mph while flying 8000 feet above the ground, says Topgear.com. For easy driving, the automobile can retract its wings and tail for driving, and extend them for flying. Conveniently, it can transform in only 2 minutes.

The AirCar is the vision of Stefan Klein, hence the name of the company, KleinVision. As stated on KleinVision.com, he has been working on prototypes since the 1980s and completed his most successful project, the AirCar, in 2017. Klein is planning to make the AirCar’s BMW engine even more powerful in the future, reaching 186 mph.

Unfortunately, the AirCar isn’t accessible for worldwide regular use yet. Slovakia is the only country that has approved this flying car. The company intends to someday start mass production and popularize its creation in other countries. The newspaper dailyMail.co.uk predicts KleinVision might sell AirCars in 2023. Even a few companies similar to KleinVision are developing the idea of flying taxi cars.

Although it isn’t approved by most countries and a pilot’s license is required, the AirCar gives us new freedom in transportation. Or, as Klein says, “Be Free Again.”