Electric Bike Usage Shows Dramatic Increase in 2021

Electric Bike Usage Shows Dramatic Increase in 2021

The Light Electric Vehicle Association suggests that e-bikes are the best-selling EVs in the country. 

An E-bike is a bicycle that has a small electric motor and can give sufficient power to defeat nearly any hill, versatility. 

Electric bikes range in cost from a low of $600 to over $8000 and can be bought online at EVELO, Trek Bikes, eBikes, and many other online stores.

On the website of EVELO, the varieties include: 

  • Electric Cruiser Bikes: Omega, Aurora Limited, Galaxy 500, Aurora Sport (Which are good for riders who are riding a few potholes on their route)
  • Electric Trail Bike: Atlas (A long-range eBike with the most power)
  • Electric Tricycle: Compass (Safe and stable with the comfort and power of an electric trike)
  • Electric Folding Bike: Dash (A lightweight mid-drive folding eBike perfect for commuters, RV’ers, small spaces & traveling)

“Here at EVELO, we strive to manufacture durable, low maintenance, top tier comfort electric bicycles,” Thomas Weber, the Senior Product Specialist in EVELO, explained in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “We design our bicycles to be upright and comfortable for the rider and are built around components that increase the fun factor…anyone could use our bicycles successfully.”

He also mentioned, “an e-bike is not necessarily ‘better’ than a regular bicycle.” Considering the physical limitations – age, injury, disability, etc, an e-bike can be better for a specific person or situation. It “…allows the rider to go farther than they could alone or go somewhere with less effort invested,” as Thomas Weber said. 

Also, a growing number of younger people are buying e-bikes as transportation because it allows them to get places with less effort. “…hills are not a concern, and arriving at your destination sweaty and tired is no longer a hurdle,” Thomas mentioned. 

As the growth in selling electric bicycles becomes more evident, it is becoming clear that electric bikes may be a new healthy lifestyle and become an even more widely used outdoor item.