Is Metaverse Becoming Our New World?


Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the creation of metaverse, a second virtual reality world, on October 28 at the Annual Connect Conference at the Red Rock resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With Meta, users can socialize with random people, hang out with friends, and even live underwater virtually. Multiple of your everyday video games will also be available on the Metaverse. “You’re going to be able to do almost anything you can imagine,” says Zuckerberg. He also says that the metaverse could be a solution for the pandemic and the work-from-home shift, as online virtual meetings will be available on the metaverse as well.

Microsoft is planning to offer their vision of the metaverse in 2022 with Microsoft Teams. These upgraded experiences will be available on smartphones and laptops, according to the company. Microsoft said that users of the Teams app will access their meetings on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets, and contribute to these meetings as well.

Facebook is going to be known as Meta from now on, as it is growing bigger on the metaverse project Zuckerberg has planned. He says in a statement, “From now on, we’re going to be the metaverse first. Not Facebook first.” Zuckerberg sees metaverse as the new internet or the internet’s future. Facebook has been investing in VR and AR to create a more mesmerizing internet space. For Zuckerberg, VR is a major building block for the internet metaverse now envisions.

The project will take a while to complete, however. “There are new technologies and trends and applications that we’ve yet to discover,” says Meta CEO Zuckerberg. A few video game companies have been taking a lead role as well, helping donate to the creation. Epic Games, the company behind the very popular Fortnite game, has raised $1 billion so far. The game Roblox is another huge player, sharing their vision of this metaverse to be a place where people can come together and create, socialize, and work. Both games will be in the metaverse as well.

The metaverse is still beyond our human comprehension, making this entire project sound nearly impossible. Even Zuckerberg says it’s something barely anyone can even think of. However, Zuckerberg and his crew are trying their hardest to create this device, and we hope that it will be out soon. According to an article from, “You can think about the metaverse as an embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content-you are in it.