IKEA Plans to Remove Their Plastic Packaging by 2028


The furniture retail company IKEA plans to eliminate the use of plastic packaging by 2028.“Phasing out plastic in consumer packaging is the next big step on our journey to make packaging solutions more sustainable and support the overall commitment to reduce plastic pollution and develop packaging from renewable and recycled materials” stated the IKEA website. 


 On November 23 they announced this new idea as a solution to reduce plastic waste and pollution. They will use paper to replace the plastic instead. According to their IKEA website, “the phase-out will happen in steps, starting with an all-new range by 2025, and running range by 2028.” This means that all new products will not include its plastic packaging and will eventually remove it from its existing products then.


Aside from the newest idea, IKEA´s issue with the use of plastic has always been a concern to them. About 920.000 tons of plastic material are used, spending over a billion dollars yearly. Because of this, the company has already stopped using single-use plastics in stores and restaurants according to treehugger.com. They have also been using wood fiber-based packaging material that reaches more than 90 percent, leaving less than 10 percent to go.


Many changes will be made for IKEA stores to help better the environment. Plastic straws for instance have ¨become a symbol for the problem of ocean plastics¨ according to the project manager Caroline Reid. To solve this issue all IKEA stores and restaurants will keep it to strawless drinking. Other plans such as developing new prototypes out of recycled bottles will also be added to benefit as well.


This big step for IKEA will be beneficial for the environment and will ¨create a better future with less dependence on raw materials¨ according to their recent tweet.  However, the company claims that some IKEA stores may have plastic packaging beyond 2028. Nonetheless, those stores would still use recycled or renewable sources to sustain IKEA’s goal for completing this project.