Jane Goodall Creates Campaign to Plant 1 Trillion Trees by 2030

 Jane Goodall Creates Campaign to Plant 1 Trillion Trees by 2030

85-year-old Jane Goodall has established a worldwide goal online to improve the environment by having at least 1 trillion trees planted before the year 2030.

Treehugger.com states, “In the past century alone, half of our planet’s trees have been lost to the logging industry and a third of tree species are near extinction. Several activists have attempted to save the rapidly decreasing population of trees, but failed.” But recently primatologist Jane Goodall has created the revolutionary Trees For Jane campaign to challenge deforestation around the world through treesforjane.org

Because of deforestation, global warming is on the rise and has led to more environmental issues. Hundreds of miles of beautiful, habitable forest are chopped down for human use every day. Many animals are slowly dying of hunger because of the decline in the food chain. Even some smaller animals are accidentally killed by cutting each tree. People are ruining wildlife and now is our time to fix—or at least discourage others from committing our worldwide mistake.

This goal is only achievable by registering a tree when it’s planted. Another option is to donate to protect the forests. Dr Jane Goodall declares, “By protecting, restoring, and planting trees, we can help save our climate while creating a better world for all living creatures.” She needs our help to register 1 trillion trees by the year 2030 to improve the air quality and unbalanced weather. 

         According to The Global Tree Assessment, around 30% of trees are threatened with extinction and 142 or more trees are documented as extinct. There are many reasons that tree extinction is such a threat to society, such as the number of trees in the forests will be reduced tremendously. Another reason it is such an enormous threat is that it will be a product of habitat loss and millions of harmless animals would lose their beloved homes. 

Earth needs us all to create an impact to save our future. Every time someone harms the trees and their habitat, the consequences the future generations have to face only grow bigger.