Team Seas: Making the Ocean Cleaner One Pound at a Time

Credit: Team Seas

Credit: Team Seas

With the amount of trash in the ocean rising each year, it has become incredibly important to remove as much of it as possible. There are roughly about 17.6 billion lbs. of trash in the ocean, which is affecting sea life. With #TeamSeas, it is becoming possible to remove massive amounts of trash.


Creators Mr Beast and Mark Rober founded this organization on October 29, 2021. These men started this organization because they feel “the ocean and the life within it are incredibly important”, said Team Seas in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “Aside from the water people drink, the ocean produces half the air we breathe every day.” 


The air people breathe is being polluted every second because of the trash that people are dumping into our beautiful oceans and rivers. The ocean is very important, and it’s “… a no-brainer that keeping it clean and healthy is critical to our survival.” said Team Seas in an interview with the Matador Messenger.


When someone donates money to Team Seas, half the money goes to Ocean Conservancy, and the other half goes to The Ocean Cleanup. These organizations have paired with Team Seas to help remove the amount of trash in our oceans. With the money that is going to The Ocean Conservancy, they will use their armies of volunteers to pick up trash along the beaches and will go fishing for trash in the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup uses solar-powered robots called The Interceptor at the end of some of the world’s dirtiest rivers to collect the trash into a giant shuttle that transports it into six dumpsters using conveyor belts. 


Donating one dollar or more to Team Seas can help remove one pound of trash. At the rate Team Seas is at now, by January 1, 2022, they should have collected approximately 300 thousand pounds above their target goal. Team Seas is toiling around the clock to keep our oceans and rivers free of trash. 


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