Shipping Containers Are Being Transformed into “Elegant, Simple, and Affordable” Homes

Shipping Containers Are Being Transformed into Elegant, Simple, and Affordable Homes


According to a survey conducted by the Investment Property Exchange Services, 86 percent of Americans plan on owning a tiny home as their first home. With the cost of homes on the rise, most people who have plans to own a tiny home are doing so because of the low price and how much of an investment it would be.

Shipping container houses are gradually becoming more and more popular as people are buying smaller houses. Shipping containers are more affordable than regular houses because they don’t require a lot of building materials, as they’re already in a house-like shape.

Compared to regular houses, shipping containers are more eco-friendly, taking up less land, requiring fewer materials while being built, and producing fewer greenhouse gases during construction. Reusing and repurposing shipping containers to make homes is a good way of helping the ecosystem. In addition, according to Next Advisor, shipping container houses are durable, fire-resistant, and can hold up to 60,000 pounds inside, and 400,000 on top.

Although shipping container homes have lots of good attributes, it also comes with some inconveniences. If people aren’t buying a shipping container house, but are building one themselves, it requires a lot of tedious work. Building a shipping container home would require permission to build and own the land that it’s being built on, which could be very expensive.

Next Advisor states that “customizing your container is always easy and cost-effective”. 

Average housing prices can range from $339,000 to 505,000. Compare that to the $10,000 to 35,000 it takes to construct a shipping container home. Master Class claims that these homes are quick to construct and could be mobile. If in need of a home right away, shipping container homes are affordable, efficient, and simple.