Make Delicious Lattes and Protein Shakes in Seconds With the Numilk Home

Make Delicious Lattes and Protein Shakes in Seconds With the Numilk Home

The Numilk Home is a Kickstarter product that allows customers “to make the best plant-based milk instantly, with a machine that eliminates nearly all waste with reusable consumer packaging and 90% less product shipping weight”, as Kickstarter puts it. According to its creator Ari Tolwin in an interview with the Matador Messenger, the product “was inspired by the desire to revolutionize plant-based milk into what they should be: waste-free, pure, nutritious, and delicious.”


The Numilk Home is “a special, proprietary device that opens and presses the pouch to deliver all the raw ingredients into the bottle,” as specified in Kickstarter. “The special bottle then emulsifies it together with water to create your milks — with a unique, no-foam design so you can enjoy it right away without delay.” By filling the bottle with water and inserting one of Numilk’s convenient pouches, your delicious plant-based milk is ready to go in less than a minute after you lowered the handle and pressed start.


Ari Tolwin and Joe Savino are the creators of this Kickstarter product, with Tolwin having an undergrad degree in political science as well as an MBA and Savino an undergrad degree in business. “Neither of us are trained engineers, although Joe has a lot of informal engineering experience and creativity,” Tolwin explained.


We love almond milk… and oat milk… and plant-based lattes and protein shakes. But we hate buying heavy, bulky pre-packaged plant-based milks that had been shipped all over the country. Pretty much the opposite of carbon neutral. Carbon terrible, to be exact. And we dislike buying single-use bottles or cartons. We also didn’t like that most pre-packaged plant based milks contain gums, fillers and/or preservatives. Plus, they don’t taste very good,” Tolwin stated during an interview with the Matador Messenger. “We knew there had to be a better way. With Numilk, you make your own delicious clean plant-based milks, lattes, and protein-based shakes in less than a minute. Better tasting, better for you, and better for the planet.”


In addition to being durable, stylish, and kitchen-friendly from reusable dishwasher-safe bottles (both 32 ounces family-sized bottles as well as 16 ounces bottles perfect for taking on the go), the Numilk Home is capable of making all kinds of delicious plant-based milk ranging from almond milk, cashew milk, to barista oat milk perfect for pouring over your cereal or adding to your morning coffee. According to Kickstarter, the machine “also makes so much more — delicious matcha lattes, clean protein shakes, and even cold-brew coffee and chai tea!”. Seasonal varieties were also available for Numilk Home, ranging from Pumpkin Spice in the fall to Vegan Egg Nog in the holidays just to name a few.


While the Numilk Home is perfect for providing a clean protein for a workout, a Matcha or Chai latte for the afternoon, or even a Moonmilk in the evening, it’s so much more than just a milk machine, Kickstarter states. The Numilk pouches only contain organic, pure, and whole-food ingredients. In other words, all of the ingredients used for plant-based milk drinks in the Numilk Home are good for our taste buds, health, and environment — without any sweeteners or preservatives found in most pre-packaged milk.


The process of getting the Numilk Home to the public has not been an easy one, Tolwin acknowledges, especially as manufacturing delays are not uncommon due to Covid-19. However, they’ve managed to assemble the best possible team to help with the proceedings. According to Kickstarter, all of their Professional units are located in Raleigh, built and engineered by Numilk, and currently, a 3rd party of potential manufacturing partners are being established.


The first of these machines was launched in Whole Foods in 2018, and the team was very proud and excited with the reception. To bring the best fresh plant-based milk to a wider public, Tolwin and Savino began working on the Numilk Home last year in March. Since they already had the framework design from previous works, the team was able to start the manufacture of the machine in small volumes, with a limited quantity being offered as rewards to their Kickstarter backers. As of today, the Numilk Home has reached its pledged goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter with $210,715 from 828 backers. The Numilk Home still has 25 more days to go on Kickstarter, and the team expects to have the product up and ready for sale by August next year.


An advice Tolwin offers to young people interested in becoming entrepreneurs and creating products is to take your time and enjoy the journey of life. “If you find something you are passionate about and want to pursue, don’t feel pressure to grow or expand, just focus on making something that people love and stay connected to your product and your customers,” he concluded.


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