“Peak State 2.0: Coffee with Benefits”

Peak State 2.0 has created new mushroom infused coffee to medically benefit people


Photograph Courtesy of Peak State Coffee 2.0

How Peak State mushroom infused coffee can medically benefit you

Peak State 2.0 Coffee is the new beneficial coffee with antioxidant and beta glucans infused with adaptogens for improved focus, less jitters, and boosted immunity. This product on Kickstarter has a goal of $15,000 and a deadline of March 27.

I started Peak State because I wanted to make the untapped nutritional benefits available to the world in an easy form: the coffee they drink every day,” creator Daniel Walsh stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger. Walsh has a bachelor’s of science in bio-engineering and a Master of  Business Administration (MBA) in entrepreneurship.

What makes this product unique is that it offers benefits such as immune support in every cup, it’s whole bean for maximum freshness thanks to our patentable infusion process, and that it’s sustainably grown coffee,” Walsh stated.

Peak State is rich in flavor with whole bean maximum freshness and regeneratively sourced. It is organic certified and third party verified with 100% compostable bags. This drink is for coffee sensitive people, coffee drinkers seeking a healthier morning, and people who care about the planet.

People have incorporated mushrooms into their drinks for generations for health benefits. With the finest ingredients and latest technological processes, Peak State has used these traditions to make a healthier alternative. Recent studies prove that mushrooms infused in drinks can support immunity, brain health, and help manage stress.

“It is really hard to start a company, and the hardest part is having enough money to do it. The most rewarding part is when you start to see customers – and it’s even more rewarding when those customers become fans,” Walsh says.

After the first launch, Peak State used their feedback to bring their products to the next level, raising their product to the highest standards and certified to ensure environmental sustainability.

“The number one reason startups fail is people give up.” Walsh says that you can’t be an entrepreneur if you aren’t solving a problem or passionate about what you’re doing. Make sure it’s something that the world needs, and be excited about what you’re doing.

As of today, Peak State 2.0 has about $5,400 funded, 75 backers, and 15 days left.

“Find your Peak State, elevate your coffee.” Peak State 2.0 offers multiple health benefits with a great taste. Visit Peak State 2.0: Coffee with Benefits to support their Kickstarter and Peak State Coffee to view their own website.