Start Your Day with the New One Clock Wake Up Clock

Start Your Day with the New One Clock Wake Up Clock

The new One Clock Wake Up clock helps start your day fresh and on time with thousands of new and popular songs. 


The product offers many benefits, including the improvement of your mental health. Designed to give off a calm sonic ripple instead of an unpleasant beeping noise from many alarms, the One Clock Wake Up clock has a healthy impact on users by waking up their minds and body in a gentle and efficient way. According to Howie Rubin and Jamie Kripke, creators of the One Clock Wake Up clock, “Many alarms trigger a spike in blood pressure and heart rate which activates the fight-or-flight response of your nervous system”. 


Jamie Kripke is a very talented and award winning commercial photographer, director, and artist. Howie Rubin is an experimental marketer who has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies. 


Their motivation behind the creation of the One Clock Wake Up clock is to encourage people to spend less time on their phones. “We’ve become too reliant on our digital devices to the detriment of both our sleep and holistic sense of well being,” Howie Rubin explained.


 “But it really started with wanting to get our phones out of our bedrooms,” added Jamie Kripke.


There are many daily uses for the One Clock, as we use alarms daily for simple reasons such as waking up for school/work, cooking, and much more. While the product can be used multiple times a day, the invention of the One Clock Wake Up clock was made to replace the unsettling sound of phone alarms when we wake up early in the morning. We have already spent countless hours on our phones, and the One Clock Wake Up clock can reduce that time spent in the mornings.  


Howie Rubin and Jamie Kripke’s goals for their product was 20,000 dollars, and as of today they have already achieved their goal with 628,561 dollars from 2,507 backers. 


The One Clock Wake Up Clock is overall beneficial to your health and your mind. As stated in One Clock Wake Up, “Sleeping is great but waking up is better”. Visit One Clock Wake Up for more information on this product.