Do-op: The Cool and Unexpected Magnetic Holder to Ease Your Day


A magnet with endless possibilities, the do-op founded by Pietro Tranchellini can hold things, keep stuff organized, and keep your face mask safe from dust and bacteria.


Pietro Tranchellini is a young designer who graduated from Industrial Product Design at Politecnico di Milano. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Pietro was working as an intern designer in a big car manufacturer.


When lockdown was issued in Milan, Italy, Pietro was laid off at home not knowing when he would return to the company. After a while, he made up his mind to leave his job and dedicate his life to something else. The idea of do-op was created in the summer of 2020, during which the people of Italy were finally able to go outside under the condition of wearing masks in confined spaces. Pietro Tranchellini stated, “It was summer and it was hot, so, many people kept their face mask on their arm, when not in use, in order to have it always at hand. I found this solution uncomfortable and unsightly, so I started thinking about what could be used to solve this problem.” During a discussion about face masks, he also commented that carrying it in your pocket isn’t the best solution because of dust and bacteria.


Originally, Pietro created the do-op for himself and a few friends. Soon, however, the do-op exceeded Pietro’s family and friends’ expectations. It turns out that not only did they use the do-op for their facial masks, they also found a magnitude of uses for it. Being able to force up to 5 kg (or about 11 pounds), the do-op can hold keys, keep wires in place, hold papers, and of course keep your face mask in a safe place. “There are still a multitude of purposes that I’m still investigating,” Mr.Tranchellini added.



   Pietro then decided to take the do-op to higher heights by starting a Kickstarter campaign. During an interview with Matador Messenger, Pietro stated, “As you can imagine, it was a long and tiring process, with ups and downs. Contrary to what you might think, launching a Kickstarter campaign requires a significant amount of work and money.” 


 “I didn’t have enough budget to manage all the prototyping and design development processes,” he continued, “Without a substantial budget it is also difficult to convince suppliers to give you the attention you need to develop a project. The main difficulties were in convincing myself, my collaborators and the suppliers of the potential of the idea. Fortunately, thanks to a lot of perseverance, the support of various people and a lot of do-ops given as payment, I was able to develop the project and launch the Kickstarter campaign.”


He received funds from the creators of “Chicken in Love” (Matteo, and Moreno) and Francesco Lucca, the art director of “Chicken in Love” project. Together, they recorded videos and took photos. To backup Pietro and his team, go to Kickstarter.Com and search for the do-op. There are many different colors of the do-op to choose from and many different ways to use it.


Some advice Pietro had for young people interested in becoming entrepreneurs and creating products was to “preserve” and “to believe in your projects and to surround yourself with people from whom you can draw information and teachings in order to improve.” 


“The most important thing is not to get discouraged and be willing to roll up your sleeves. The greater the difficulties, the greater the satisfaction, so you should try to work every day to the best of your ability,” he concluded.