Covid 19 Complicates Ocean Pollution

Covid-19 changes ocean pollution.

Covid 19 Complicates Ocean Pollution

Even as vaccines for Covid are being made available, a new Covid related health hazard is surfacing. Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks are littering our oceans, creating a new source of pollution for humans and sea creatures alike. 


Marine wildlife has been explored for many years. According to USAToday,  m scientists are now finding more and more trash each day. It is said that trash has been filling up the ocean since 1990 but Covid’s effects may have made it worse.


Covid has caused people to stay at home. Not driving around and traveling as much means fewer people polluting the environment and oceans with trash or gasses from cars. This means that pollution could minimize with fewer cars, and people at, or around the beaches. 


There is another theory that Covid-19 is making pollution even worse says, with gloves and masks ending up in the ocean. This might happen because people’s masks or gloves might accidentally fly away or people might just drop them wherever. 


There are other concerns about Pollution making Covid effects worse. According to, “A study from Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health finds that breathing more polluted air over many years may itself worsen the effects of Covid-19.”

Most people know that animals are eating water bottles and plastics in the ocean but according to www.scientficamerican.comWhales, fish, seabirds, turtles, and many other animals are eating the plastic and dying.” Now, pictures of sea animals holding plastic water bottles will be replaced with a glove or mask. 


If you want to help save the ocean consider these sites.