PIVOT: The Spray Bottle Reinvented



“PIVOT is the first spray bottle of its kind with a patented pivoting trigger sprayer that allows you to spray continuously at any angle until the last drop with improved ergonomics and space saving benefits,” states Tyler Fyke, the Co-Founder and CEO of Nextshift, in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “The technology is simple, it uses gravity to keep the reservoir in a level orientation while spraying in any direction, reducing the weight and pressure on the hand and forearms.”


The PIVOT spray bottle is a robust and ergonomic spray tool with a pivoting trigger sprayer that rotates 180 degrees. The comfort grip leads to less hand and arm fatigue, allowing to spray continuously at any angle until the last drop. The dual-safety lock secures the chemicals from any unwanted uses and spills, or, if children are present, to keep them from accessing it. With a compact size, comfort grip, pivoting trigger sprayer, wide mouth refill, high output sprayer, dual safety lock, and other qualities, PIVOT provides an enhanced experience rather than the average spray bottle.


Tyler Fyke adds, “This has been in the making for many years and we have bootstrapped it throughout the entire process. We have the team with the experience to overcome the obstacles to bring PIVOT to market. Our team of industrial design engineers are in-house with over 50 years of combined experience, leading R&D efforts at Rubbermaid Commercial Products for over 25 years. We now have the pieces in place to bring PIVOT to the masses. We also have a world class team of advisors helping us execute on our launch strategy and the commercialization of PIVOT and other products we have in the pipeline.”


Partnering with the largest packing distributor in North America, TricornBraun will be handling the complete supply chain, including quality control and assurance. Due to PIVOT’s 32ox bottles being roughly 30% shorter than the regular 32oz spray bottles, it’ll provide space saving benefits, ultimately translating into cost-savings across the complete supply chain, from transportation and warehousing to retail shelf space.


Also having tested the product at Georgia Tech for the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Accreditation program, Nextshift received positive feedback, ensuring the claim that PIVOT is more ergonomic and easier to use compared to other spray bottles. Nextshift plans to submit PIVOT once the campaign concludes.


Tyler Fyke says, “More people are turning to Concentrates and Refillable’s Packaging for use around their homes and on the job, making PIVOT the perfect solution as a reusable and innovative spray tool for: Detailing, Mechanic Shops, Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, General Disinfecting & Sanitization, Cleaning Yoga Mats, Home Gym Equipment, Gardening, Pesticides, Insecticides, Watering Plants, Spraying Pottery, Spraying Smoked Meats, Spraying spotting agents on clothes in Dry Cleaning, in Janitorial Cleaning, etc. I’m sure I am missing quite a few niche markets!”.


Spending 5 years securing patents and an additional 3 years (on a mostly part-time basis) in the research and development process, PIVOT, until March 18th, will have a Kickstarter running live, pre-selling the product for funding the tooling costs and minimum order quantities.


Tyler Fyke concludes, “PIVOT is simply a new and better way to spray. It’s completely different than anything currently available and actually makes spraying fun, if that’s a possibility.” 




To find more information about this Kickstarter click here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pivotspray/the-spray-bottle-reinvented/description