Is Among Us Coming to Xbox With a New Map?

Is Among Us Coming to Xbox With a New Map?


“There is an impostor among us”, quoted from the hit game Among Us. Innersloth released information about a new console version. This edition will be presented to Xbox users and can be found in the Xbox Game Pass.


Among Us is a game that can be played with 4-10 people. There are two roles, Imposter and Crewmate. Crewmates try to do tasks to repair the ship while trying to vote out the imposter(s). The impostor’s goal is to avoid suspicion and kill the crewmates. The game can have up to three impostors and users can fill the lobbies with up to ten people. 


The new version will be compatible with Xbox 1, 1S, and X. According to, people playing Among Us on Xbox will be able to communicate via voice chat. This eliminates the need for Discord or in-game chat. 


 Innersloth stated that they are adding a new map. Now players will be able to choose from The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, and the newest edition, The Airship. Innersloth released the new map for the Nintendo Switch version at this year’s game awards.


As of right now, the new map will consist of multiple ladders and elevators, giving players access to different floors. Also, multiple sources are saying that there are flying platforms that will carry users from one side of the map to the other.


The creators said that the map will be released sometime this year. PC players, that have the Xbox app are also eligible to get the console version. As long as people are subscribed to Xbox game pass. 


The first month of Game Pass costs $1 to get. After the first-month payment, it costs $15 per month. The new version will still be available to get with the discount for game pass.