PS5 vs. X Box Series X

PS5 vs. X Box Series X

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are stuck at home, and with all this free time they don’t know what to do. So, many play video games, and rival companies Playstation and Xbox saw these opportunities and decided to drop two new models, the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5.


For starters, the PS5 has a new futuristic look to the console, and a new controller look.     It has a 4k resolution and a possible 8k resolution. The PS5 is cross-compatible, not just with the Xbox, but with the PS4. This will potentially allow people to join voice parties with PS4 players.


The PS5 controllers have something called Haptic Feedback. This means that if people are playing something like Forza Horizon 4, the player can feel the, “slow grittiness of driving through the mud,” according to Sony. The new cross-compatible controllers also have built-in speakers and microphones. So this saves people money in the sense that they don’t have to buy a new headset.


Even though the PS5 has a lot of pros there are still some cons. For example, the PS5 controller costs $70 a piece. The console only comes with one controller, so if anyone wants to play with somebody else, they might need to buy the controller on top of the console. 


 First of all, the Xbox Series X does not look similar to the PS5. One feature that stands out is that it can stand vertically or horizontally. According to New Atlas, just like the Playstation, the Xbox has 4k resolution and could go up to 8k resolution. The Xbox Series X is cross-compatible with Xbox one players and Playstation but only for games.


The new Xbox controllers are $60 a piece, which is ten dollars cheaper than the PS5 controllers. Xbox one controllers are compatible with Xbox series X, just like PS4 controllers are compatible with the PS5.


A new addition to the new Xbox controllers is that there is a share button. The share button allows the player to take screenshots or videos of gameplay and instantly allows the player to share them with friends. There is also more grip material to help players keep a better hold on the controller.


 Another change to the Xbox controllers is the all-new hybrid D-Pad. The new D-Pad is probably the most recognizable new thing about the Xbox controllers. The shape allows the buyer to comfortably rest his/her finger. According to Pocket-Lint, the new Xbox series X controller has a new addition called the Xbox Wireless Radio. The device allows players to use the controller on a PC, Android, and Apple devices. 


The Xbox series X costs $499, which is the same price as the PS5. A cheaper option is the PS5 digital gaming system which is $399, but it doesn’t have the same features as the regular PS5. The PS5 digital version cannot take DVDs and Blue Ray discs while the PS5 standard edition can. Based on the evidence, the Xbox series X came out to be the better buy.