Light up Your Day with the Lotos Relax Lamp

Light up Your Day with the Lotos Relax Lamp

The Lotos Relax Lamp is a never seen before lamp that helps reduce stress, aids sleep, and increases one’s happiness ( In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Aaron Myer, developer of the Lotos Relax Lamp, stated that the lamp “has the benefits of light therapy and circadian rhythm synchronization, but is also soothing to use.” The Lotos Relax Lamp is a project on Kickstarter. 


With 26 backers, this Kickstarter project has $3,359 of a $7,800 goal. The Lotos Relax Lamp has to meet its goal by Thursday, December 10.  


According to, “Lotos uses multiple light channels encapsulated in an interference shell to bring motion and life to the emitting light.” Some of the lamp’s light patterns and systems include kinetic, storm, wave, ember, lamp, and sunrise/sunset ( “The lamps synchronize so when I turn mine on or off, the other lamps in the room do the same thing. Seeing many lamps work together is very nice, I’d like to see a whole bunch working together,” added Aaron Myer. 


“The Lotos Relax Lamp soothes and captures our mind with washes of color and motion” ( As stated in, the lamp was built “to do most of the work for you. Turn off the lights at night and it will automatically dim on to guide your late hours…both motion and proximity sensors recognize closer night movement as well…To directly turn on and off the light — simply touch the base. Perfect for your nightstand, the lamp features two USB charging points to clear the clutter.” 


The reason why Aaron was motivated and inspired to create this product was because of his parents. “My dad is an artist,” explains Aaron, “His light machines were mesmerizing and

relaxing, you could stare at them for hours.” Aaron also said that his mother suffered from depression. “All the people I know that have tried light therapy noticed profound improvements, it helps with SAD, depression and mental illness. Most of the light therapy products on the market are harsh but don’t need to be, so that influenced the design,” added Aaron. 


Aaron Myers earned a degree in Computer Engineering. For almost 20 years, he has been writing firmware for smart home products and lighting. Aaron said that he “worked on

many lighting systems, and many communicating and Bluetooth products.”


Some advice Aaron has for young people interested in being entrepreneurs and creating products, is to “try it, and don’t listen to the naysayers.” Aaron stated, “I’ve built a lot of products for

the companies I worked for, but I have also developed my own. Some have been successful, many haven’t but all have taught me things. I’m better because of my failures, and the best people I know have been through very difficult things.” 


If anyone wants to learn more about this product and wants to help Aaron reach his goal, you can find more information at this link: