Dopekicks: The First Waterproof Hemp Sneaker

“We wanted to create something ecological, vegan, and cool.” Bernardo Duque Carreira DopeKicks CEO



Have you ever been on a hike and you stepped in a puddle and your shoes are ruined and your socks get drenched? Well DopeKicks, a Kickstarter product that is also  environmentally “green” has a solution for you.  

 In an interview with the Matador Messenger, the creators of DopeKicks said that they realized they should make a tennis shoe that would be used and make people want to buy a “green sneaker.”

The upper surface of  Dopekicks shoes are made of the hemp plant and  are the first waterproof shoes that are made out of all-natural materials. All of the soles of the shoes are made out of recycled soles from old shoes, which would otherwise be polluting our oceans and filling landfills.

The inside of the shoes is made with cork which grows on trees and regenerates every nine years. Cork is a soft or spongy like wooden material. Hemp can also resist three times more water than cotton and it is soil friendly. Finally, DopeKicks are polyester and plastic-free. This information was gathered from an interview with the CEO of DopeKicks.

The greatest challenge in producing the shoes was in the sourcing of quality materials. Bernardo Duque Carreira, the CEO of DopeKicks stated, “The most challenging part so far was to get the hemp to be the  top quality we needed. That was simply super hard to do.” 

DopeKicks have sourced their  hemp  mostly from Canada and China, but they have also purchased from France, and Romania, and other countries. Although they have not sourced  from the United States yet, they are working with new suppliers everyday. 

 The Dopekicks’ founders have advice for anyone considering creating and selling an innovative product. “This project was very hard to pull off because of the materials. But we knew it was possible. Well, it took us one year to achieve what we could have done in one month if we would have used traditional materials. But now we are super happy with the results.”

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