“Game of Phones” Creates Unexpected Smartphone Challenges

The Kickstarter Product uses “social scenarios”  




“We were looking at problems that closely surrounded us and realized that as smartphones became more popular, their use in social scenarios became less accepted,” stated Lucas Stern and Sam Wander creators of “Game of Phones”, a Kickstarter product card game where “all you need is a smartphone to take on creative and unexpected challenges.”

Game of Phones is a multiplayer game in which participants respond to a card that gives them certain tasks they have to complete such as finding a specific website and product, take a selfie, search the player’s first name plus “the clown” or look up memes.

The four different cards create a different type of gameplay each round. For example, the like card one person will choose the winner, the unlike card everyone will vote, download is a lightning round, and upgrade is a bonus round where everyone does a challenge together.

“Game of Phones” is now a fully funded project having exceeded the original goal of $10,000 with a current Kickstarter pledge total of $12,379.Investors still interested in Can pledge late, receiving the full game if pledging more than 20 dollars.

In an interview with a Matador Messenger, the creators, Stern and Wander, came up with the idea of the game in graduate school. They believe this product is unique because it uses an ordinary everyday item, that we all know so well, in a totally different way.

Wander and Stern have some advice for people wanting to create their own products. They said to “make your product and show it to someone, It doest have to perfect, it could even be a prototype.” They also said to “get it in front of people, that would teach you more than you could learn on your own.”

Readers that are interested in learning about the product can access the Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gameofphones/game-of-phones-card-game.