Apple Unveils New iOS 12 Features At Worldwide Developers Conference Conference


Photo Courtesy Of New York Times

CEO Tim Cook took the stage in San Jose, California, on Monday at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to preview new software features for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, according to cnn.

The company announced the new features that are incorporated into the new IOS such as performance improvements, quirky features like an animated version of you and a tool to help combat your tech addiction, according to cnet.

“IOS 12 will let you make an Animoji of yourself using the front-facing 3D camera. To make your Memoji feel like you, there are customization options for skin tone, hairstyles, facial features (like freckles) and accessories like sunglasses”, according to cnet.

Apple is adding tools to help its customers use their phones less, a direct response to criticism it received earlier this year from shareholders,  worried about phone addiction. A new activity report will track how much time you’re spending on your mobile device and how you’re spending it with a daily breakdown, according to theguardian.

Group Facetime will now be available in IOS 12. Facetime will now be able to hold up to 32 people. The camera in imessage will now be able to have effects, including filters, shapes and stickers. Texting is more enjoyable in IOS 12, as well. But perhaps not as fun as 32 people trying to talk over each other at once, stated cnn.

That’s it for iOS. The second hour begins with the Apple Watch, as Tim Cook hands over to Kevin Lynch, who starts by talking about the health and fitness features. You can now start seven-day competitions against friends on the activity app, the workout feature now supports Yoga and Hiking, as well as improved features for outdoor running, and automatic workout detection detects when you start a workout without having to actively start it – and also if you forget to actively end it – for a few select types of workout, according to theguardian.

Apple’s next macOS will be named Mojave. Mojave will now allow you to have a dark mode, which changes the background from white to grey. This will be useful when a person is in a low-lit room, according to cnn.

Apple also announced new privacy and anti-tracking features included with the new IOS update. Comment fields and like and share buttons are now turned off by default in Safari. Apple said the tools are used to track people across different sites to serve them ads. In an on-stage demo, Apple showed an image of a browser blocking “” from using cookies and website data while you browse the web, according to cnn.