Elon’s Musk L.A Tunnel Is Almost Finished and He’s Offering Free Rides


Photo Courtesy of teslarati

Creator of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk has announced late Thursday, that the tunneling startup in Los Angeles has nearly finished construction in the first half, according to cnn.

The tunnel will be 30 to 70 feet below ground, and won’t have any stations along the way, which would avoid construction, utility lines, and other hazards, stated latimes.

The tunnel will be a key component of its Loop transportation system, which will transport people in their own cars or passenger “pods” for bicyclists and pedestrians. The high-speed system will allow people to bypass LA traffic and get around the city faster, according to cnn.

Musk’s latest Instagram post also says the tunnel is “under LA,” but he hasn’t said precisely where it’s located.It’s most likely somewhere near SpaceX’s headquarters, in Hawthorne, where Musk received permission last year to drill a 2-mile test-tunnel beneath Crenshaw Boulevard and 120th street, stated la.curbed.

He said the public will be offered free rides on the Loop service in the upcoming months, if the company receives regulatory approval, according to cnn.