Is a Concussion The Leading Cause of a CTE, or is it Something Much More Simple?


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The disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) can cause Alzheimer’s disease, which is  pretty common, especially for people who play football. “National Football League (NFL) players are three times more likely to die from neurodegenerative diseases than the general US population and four times more likely to die from Alzheimer’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.’’ This is a huge problem because it is causing many people to stop their dreams of playing football, according to

The way that this disease is formed is by concussions and other serious head injuries, or that’s what we think.  Recent studies have shown that the more likely or main cause of CTE is much more simple, according to

Concussions are very common for football players, in fact, so common that youth football such as Pop Warner, and even the NFL are trying to make certain safety rules for children and even older people. “In organized high school sports, concussions occur more often in competitive sports, with football accounting for more than 60% of concussions.”. But recent studies show that it is repeated hits that cause the disease, not even concussions.  While concussions still cause CTE, the main cause has been found to be repeated hits, according to

For example, Aaron Hernandez, former Patriots tight end, went to jail for many charges including manslaughter,  But after he killed himself in prison, they studied his brain, and with no sign of concussions, they found a CTE disease, but not just any CTE, it was the worst CTE ever for someone his age, according to

Junior Seau, linebacker that played for the Patriots, San Diego Chargers, and the Miami Dolphins was in a similar position as Aaron was.  He killed himself two years after he retired from the NFL. Five brain specialists from the National Institutes of Health studied his brain, he had a CTE,  as it had also never been said that Seau had a concussion before, so it was quite surprising that he was found with that severe of a CTE according to