Cheapest Tablet Ever: Out Now In Apple Stores Everywhere

Cheapest Tablet Ever: Out Now In Apple Stores Everywhere

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The new iPad 2018 is the cheapest tablet in Apple’s range, ranging from $329 to $429, stated trustedreviews.

“If the computer were invented today, what would it look like? It would be powerful enough for any task. So mobile you could take it everywhere. And so intuitive you could use it any way you wanted — with touch, a keyboard, or even a pencil. In other words, it wouldn’t really be a ‘computer.’ It would be the new iPad,” according to apple.

iPad packs enough power to use multiple apps all at once. Work on your business plan while doing research on the web while making a FaceTime call to a colleague at the same time, stated apple.

Augmented reality (AR) is a new technology that brings virtual objects into the real world. Every aspect of the iPad — from the display, to the processing power, to the cameras, to the motion sensors designed to make AR apps more magical than ever before, according to apple.

The screen is now compatible with the Apple Pencil, a feature that was previously exclusive to the iPad Pro models, according to macworld.