5.11 Products Provide Clothing and Accessories for Missions


Photo Courtesy by 511tactical.com

Whether it’s a SWAT team smashing down a door or a family going out for a hike we can outfit you.” Sam Anderson, the territory manager, said the reason that their products are reliable, are because, “We spare no expense when it comes to durability”.

5.11 is a tactical company that manufactures pants, shirts, backpacks, sweatshirts, and many other hiking accessories. In an interview with Sam Anderson, the territory manager who covers everything from Santa Barbara to the border of Arizona, he stated “We make the best gear to outfit any mission.”

The main focus of 5.11 is to have clothing and accessories that are durable for any kind of mission such as tasks involving breaking down doors or simply for flexibility. A great achievement that the company has received was the award for best backpack in the 2018 shot show,” We were just named best new backpack at the 2018 SHOT Show, the industry standard trade show for all tactical gear.”

After asking Sam Anderson about the best part of the job, he stated, “Over the past few years I’ve gained access, with SWAT Teams, to some really cool vacant buildings most notably Hollywood Park Race track, AKA LA Rams new facility. Before they tore down the building, they allowed tactical teams access for training purposes. Breaking down doors at one of the most historic places in LA was pretty cool.”

From family outings, to military exercises, 5.11 sells products that suit the many needs for the outdoor enthusiasts.”We make the best gear to outfit any mission.” Sam Anderson stated. “We spare no expense when it comes to durability. All our items use YKK zippers, 1040D mylon and closed cell foam. In easy terms you can basically drag the bag behind your dad’s truck with 50Ibs of gear in it for 50 miles and it’ll still look brand new when you get it back,” he explained.