Norway’s Melting Ice Is Revealing Priceless Ancient Artifacts


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“The moment these artifacts melt out of the ice, they’re immediately vulnerable to the elements,” says James H, in an interview with nationalgeographic.

Ancient artifacts preserved in snow and ice over thousands of years in Norway’s mountains are emerging at an unprecedented rate, and archaeologists are scrambling to collect them all before it’s too late, according to nationalgeographic

Because ice patches in the past have contracted and expanded due to temperature shifts, many of the objects recovered have likely one time or another been exposed and then buried by snow and ice, stated

The finds are truly remarkable: iron arrowheads dating back 1,500 years, tunics from the Iron Age, and even the remains of a wooden ski complete with leather binding left behind sometime in the year 700. Some of the oldest objects were dropped more than 6,000 years ago, according to

Unlike glaciers, which tend to crush and grind objects as they move down a mountain, the majority of artifacts coming out of Norway are being recovered from ice patches, stated smithsonianmag.