Nintendo Introduces “Labo,” A Switch Accessory


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Nintendo, the creators of Wii and the GameCube, announced that they will launch on April 20th, the “Labo,” a new accessory for the Nintendo Switch, according to

This product is made of mostly cardboard and can be shaped into multiple objects such as a fishing rod and a motorcycle which then can be controlled by the Switch device, reported

“Cardboard that’s precut for you to pop out and construct remarkably elaborate contraptions with moving parts and buttons, like a fishing rod with an actual reel, or a motorcycle handlebar with a working throttle and handbrake. Then you put your creations—called Toy-Con—together with a Nintendo Switch, and things get wild, in ways that you can probably imagine (combining the fishing rod with the Switch screen for a fishing mini-game…” stated

Once Labo is assembled and connected to the Nintendo Switch, it allows players to play various mini games. For example, for a car to be able to move, the controllers of the Nintendo Switch must be plugged into the car; the car will then move because the controllers respond to the users’ movement on the Nintendo Switch screen, according to

Once launched, the Nintendo Labo Kits will sell for $69.99 for the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit will sell for $79.99, reported to

Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo in Kyoto, Japan on September 23,1889.   Nintendo originally started out as a small company which sold Japanese trading cards.