How to Retrieve Your Lost iPhone


You can’t find your Phone. You’ve looked everywhere, but it’s nowhere in sight. When you lose your phone, all of those helpful possibilities vanish, as well as the vulnerability of your personal information leaking out into the public world. Here are some ways to help find your phone and prevent your personal information from being leaked.

With iPhone’s app “Find My iPhone,” you can locate where your iPhone is and take actions such as erasing your data and playing a ringing sound to locate it physically. The app will tell you when and where your iPhone is or where it was turned on. The last known location of the device is displayed for 24 hours, according to Apple

With iPhone’s IOS 8, 9, 10, and 11, the app will send you an alert right before the battery dies on your iPhone. This allows you to know exactly where and when the battery died. Even though the phone is dead; therefore it cannot play the ringing sound, it is handy to know where and when the phone died, according to

When you use the app “Find My iPhone” you will see the option Lost Mode. Once you enable Lost Mode, your device will be automatically and remotely locked. You will be able to display a message on the device showing a phone number to contact if found, as well as automatic tracking on the device. Even if you had disabled your services on the device, enabling Lost Mode will turn on location services until the device is recovered and taken out of Lost Mode, according to