NASA Finds Iceberg Larger Than Delaware


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Back in July, an iceberg weighing about 1 trillion tons broke off of Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf,but it’s hard to put that event into perspective, according to mnn.

In 2014, a crack that had been slowly growing into the ice shelf for decades suddenly started to spread northwards, creating the nascent iceberg. Now that the close to 2,240 square-mile chunk of ice has broken away, the Larsen C shelf area has shrunk by approximately 10 percent, reported nasa.

There is no scientific evidence whether global warming is to blame, stated nytimes.

nytimes reported,“The remaining shelf will be at its smallest ever known size,” said Adrian Luckman, a lead researcher for Project Midas. “This is a big change. Maps will need to be redrawn.”

A-68 isn’t an immediate risk to rising sea levels, after all, it was floating in the ocean already before it broke off from Larsen C, but any seafaring craft in the area should probably be aware of it, though it might be hard to miss something that’s roughly 1 million times the size of an American football field.

That being said, A-68’s very existence does serve as a reminder of the fragility of Larsen C. A diminishing Larsen C could speed up the flow of ice into the sea, and that in turn will contribute to sea level rise, stated nasa.