Big Changes Technology Has Made

Technology is the everyday system we use throughout our day and lives. What are the major uses for technology?


According to, drone technology is used throughout the Armed forces. Drones throughout the years have been modified to be less undetectable and can see down at the earth in higher altitudes. The US Armed forces use this technology to spot enemy bases and other things that could be a threat to innocent people. Also, the materials. Guns, ammunition, tanks, bomber planes, aircraft carriers, and other weapons and vehicles are all made using technology. The things put into these vehicles are technology. Economy and technology play a big part in wars. From 2003-2010 it cost about 1.1 trillion to fight the war in Iraq. 17 billion of that 1.1 trillion dollars was equipment sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

-Exploring Space

According to, in late 1985, NASA built a satellite. They set that satellite on a rocket to explore Jupiter and it’s moon. The satellite discovered a tiny ring that surrounded the planet. The satellite also discovered that the eye on Jupiter is actually an acid hurricane. In mid-2015, NASA found actual water on Mars using a Rover. By 2030, NASA would like to colonize. In the near future, NASA wants to send a rocket with several people to try to colonize Mars.

-Daily Life

People used to get up in the mornings on their own. Now 100 years later, people rely on alarm clocks to wake them up. You set the clock to a specific time and you rely on that as your way of getting up in the morning. When you are eating breakfast you are probably watching TV or looking on your phone.

-Getting To School

You either drive a car to school or a school bus picks you up. In most schools, there are certain things like taking a test, or researching something, that is done on a computer or a tablet. Today technology is a common way for entertainment. You go to the movies or watch with your friends or family. You go to amusement parks with friends or family to ride rides or play games. Most people now have social media accounts and post pictures to your friends. You may also play games on your phone or other gaming consoles.