New Zealand Rocket With 3D Printed Engine Launches Successfully


From a private launch pad in New Zealand, US-based Rocket Lab, successfully launched their small, 56 feet tall and 4 feet wide, Electron rocket on May 25, 2017, according to

Many rockets have been created at the US Based Lab, such as the “first launch from a private launch site, and most importantly the world’s first launch with a nearly completely 3D printed rocket engine,” according to

“It was a fantastic flight and we are really, really happy with the performance of the vehicle,” said company founder Peter Beck. “Beck, a New Zealander, said the early stages of the mission went to plan, right up to the final separation,” stated

The Rocket Lab sent a test flight that was the first launch from New Zealand and is a major first step in an emerging market. Peter Beck, the founder of Rocket Lab, said “ We didn’t quite reach orbit- we’ll work out exactly why,” stated