“Most Well Preserved Armored Dinosaur” Found in Canadian Mine



An incredibly well preserved armored dinosaur fossil measuring 18 feet long was found in a Canadian mine on May 16, 2017, according to livescience.com.

The creature, scientifically knows as a “nodosaur,” has been carbon dated, and the age has been revealed as about 110 million years old stated Google News.

“It was a very slow reveal, but it was a very exciting one nonetheless,” stated Caleb Brown, a postdoctoral fellow at the museum, and a co-author of a study describing the new species, which he expects to be published in a peer-reviewed journal this summer, according to tyrrellmuseum.com.

“When the dinosaur died, Alberta was as warm as South Carolina is today, and sat on the coast of a shallow inland seaway that stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. It’s unclear if the dinosaur drowned in the seaway or died on land and then got swept out to sea,” Brown said, reported livescience.com.

Because of the pressure in the water at the deep depth the creature died, the nodosaur’s body would have been subjected to severe bloating, eventually causing the creature to explode. This left only the armor the creature wore, according to Google News.

An interesting find at the site showed that there had been no scavenging of the animal, most likely due to the intense pressure at the depth of the former ocean. “It must have fallen pretty rapidly because we actually have a little impact crater from where it hit the bottom,” Brown said, stated Google News.