New Push To Change Voting Technology In Minnesota


More states are adopting touch-screen voting systems that can be used easily by voters. Some lawmakers would like to bring this technology to Minnesota,”  stated

“Others are reluctant to embrace the new technology. Let your lawmakers know if you’d like to see Minnesota bring new high-tech voting technology to the polls, stated

“Minnesota usually leads the nation in, but they haven’t been changing the voting technology. A company in Minnesota is trying to convince lawmakers touch screen voting is the wave of the future,” reported

“In St. Paul, there are only a few areas where bipartisanship is not just a lofty goal, it’s a requirement. That includes any changes lawmakers want to make to the state’s election and voting systems,” stated

Gov. Mark Dayton, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, has said, “He’ll only sign election-related bills if the proposals have broad support from legislators in both parties, no matter who’s in power,” wrote

Minnesota uses paper ballots and that is where you voters fill in ovals and then put them in an optical scanning machine. Mary Kiffmeyer states, “That system has worked well for a long time and has become a national model,” explained