Female DragonFlies Fake Death To Get Away From Males



“If a female dragonfly is being pursued by a male that she doesn’t want to mate with, she’ll suddenly plunge to the ground and fake her own death,” stated nymag.com.

As soon as he flies away, the female also flies away.

Dr. Rassim Khelifa, a researcher from the University of Zurich, studied the dragonflies and recorded that 27 out of 30 tried using this trick. 21 of the 27 dragonflies proved to be successful and escaped, according to mnn.com.

It is very dangerous for females to dive head first to their “death,”  because they might actually go to their death, but these female Moorland Hawker dragonflies “will do whatever it takes to avoid the males,” stated uproxx.com.

These dragonflies want to avoid the males because they want to avoid sexual harassment.  The male will go around and around looking for their mate. If a female spots the male, it will fake its death. The more males around them, the more deaths they will have to fake.

“I was surprised,” stated Khelifa, after studying dragonflies for ten years.