$20,000 Smartphone: Most Secure Phone in the World



The Manufacturer “Siri Lab” stated that Solaris is the most secure phone ever made and it works like a normal smartphone, according to businessinsider.com.

The phone has a switch on the back that turns it into a secure mode which is entirely encrypted.

It disables all the cameras and sensors. Like a GPS so the phone can’t be spied on.

Offers peer to encryption with other Sirin phones, explained Unbox Therapy,  a popular youtube channel.

Users of the phone can also have a cyber secure mode where they can have “Outgoing voice calls and securely encrypted messaging,” stated the theverge.com.

Siri Labs says the phone is for the business community. “If people who have a lot of sensitive information and want to feel private can get this phone,” stated theverge.com.

The phone can’t protect from governments because they have supercomputers that could break the phone’s security. Siri Lab says the price tag is so high because of the technology and materials inside the phone, according to hellogiggles.com.

It will include a $300 metal chassis to protect from bending and breaking. The phone will run a version of Google’s Android OS, reported  businessinsider.com.

The Solarin  Phone has four models. The cheapest model is made out of Carbon Titanium and Black Diamonds which costs $13,800 plus tax, which you could have black or silver tint on the sides. The most expensive model is made out of Yellow Gold with Black Diamonds and costs $17,400 plus tax. You can buy it online right now, stated hellogiggles.com.