Bumblebees Learn to Roll Balls For Reward


source: Slate

Research shows that bees can play golf according to mnn.com.

During training for golf, bees are placed in an arena with a hole or a circle in the middle, then the ball has to be rolled into the hole by the bee. After the accomplishment, the bee is rewarded with a sweet treat.

“During the experiment the bees were walking backwards, which could be totally new for them,” stated Clint Perry, a researcher from Queen Mary University of London.

In the 2016 studies, bees learned to pull strings to access food. This helps bees to learn and know how to pull debris out of their nests, out of flowers while they were also able to adapt new skills. Not only did the bees learn to roll along side a yellow ball, the bees also learned how to roll along side a black ball without any training, stated newscientist.com.

The bees were also individually placed in groups and had one situation that they had to complete. The one group found a ball out of the hole then received a “ghost” demonstration which a hidden magnet was under the hole and the ball moved by it self into the hole as if it was “magic,” according to mnn.com.

At first, bees were watching the demonstrators move the furthest ball into the hole, the closest ball was immobile, but the untrained bees were given three opportunities to watch the skilled bee.

Later, when the untrained bees were placed in the arena, they moved the closest ball into the hole, not the farthest, stated sciencedaily.com.

Although bees may be thought as buzzing, annoying or stinging insects, these experiments proved that bees can be much smarter than we think.

Here is a video of bees playing with their toys and being trained.