You Never Knew these Cool Inventions Existed

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Sometimes the advances can be simple like a smart food bowl to engage your dog or a voice-based alarm. Regardless of their scope, each of these 10 is extraordinary and worthy of curiosity. While some of these creations have struggled for years, others took less time. But all have the potential to shake up industries, and even make our daily existences a little bit easier. And so, without further ado, here are our 10 cool inventions.


Mad glass: Mad glass is a pair of smart glasses with many capabilities. It can take videos and pictures, has built in GPS navigation, a written language translator, and entertainment/games, according to


Zaptip Charger: The Zaptip Charger is the World’s first magnetic charger. You can leave the tip in your phone, tablet’s, speakers, headphones, power banks all day, and when you need a charge, use the magnetic chord that can charge your phone in 90 minutes, reported


Salt Supply Gun: The Salt Supply gun is a home defense pistol that uses CO2 cartridges to shoot pepper spray rounds. The rounds burst on impact to create a toxic cloud, stated


Kinsa Thermometer: The Kinsa Smart Thermometer tells you your temperature, offers guidance on what to do next, tracks fever, symptoms, medications and diagnoses for you, and sends your health details straight to your doctor lets you know if fever is cause for concern, according to


Cubic Robotics: Cubic is your AI butler for your smart home, and while you are going out. You can talk to it like it is your friend, and it can still understand you, including your sarcasm and humor, reported


Smart Beam: Smart Beam is a 2.2 centimeter cube that can project a 100 cm screen at 35 ansi-lumens. It connects to your phone via USB and can be charged using USB, stated


Takee Holographic Smart Phone: This company claims to have produced the world’s first holographic smartphone. It’s called the Estar Takee 1, according to


Cicret: Cicret projects a motion sensing system on the forearm and a screen, giving it smartphone-like qualities, reported


Dolfi: Dolfi is a hand-sized device that cleans your clothes using ultrasonic technology. Just leave it in water with your clothes and it will clean them quickly, stated