Kickstarter of the Week: Pebby – Robotic Pet Sitter


First, it was the Rumba that allowed homeowners to vacuum their house remotely, now the Pebby ball can entertain your pets when you are away from home.

Pebby is a robotic pet sitter which you can control from an online device from anywhere in the world.  Pebby is a circular device that rolls around interacting and playing with your pet.

On their Kickstarter, they have raised over $237,000 and their campaign ends on April 6. The Kickstarter promo price is $169 that includes the pebby ball, the charging station, and the collar.

Pebby comes in 8 colors to choose from, letters, swirl, scales, paw, spaghetti, kitty, pups, and cherry. You can also change the caps on the pebby ball so you can have a lot of different combinations according to their Kickstarter website.

In an exclusive interview with the Matador Messenger, We asked Hansen Goh, one of the creators of Pebby, what inspired him to create Pebby and he said, “I was traveling a lot for work and had to leave my pet at home. I had to skype with my family back home and they would move the laptop or phone to let me get a view of Sparky. This gave me the idea to create a monitoring device for pets.”

 A special collar is available for your pet can wear where you can track your pet’s activity from the online app.
If you’re on the go and have no time to play with your pet, the Pebby Ball has an Auto-Play mode to keep your pet entertained.