China’s Vertical Jungles May Create “Pollution Solution”


Source: Mashable

“A Paris based architect Vincent Callebaut wants his buildings to be more than your average tower block,” reported cnn. His visions are ambitious, to create an energy-saving, carbon-absorbing civilization to fight global warming in China. “I want to give hope for a better tomorrow,” stated Callebaut.

The tower would be 354 feet tall, with a Hyatt hotel inside and a swimming pool on the rooftop. “A real vertical forest that will help to regenerate local biodiversity, will provide 25 tons of CO2 absorption each year and will produce about 60 kg of oxygen per day,” reported iflscience.

 Trees and plants can be planted on the ground as well, and will probably even make more sense. It will also save the extra concrete that must be used to ensure that the trees and shrubs have been planted properly.

The tower is an incredible way to improve greenery in places where there is no space to plant trees, according to yourstory .“The structures will provide a personal mini-garden to each occupant to enjoy for themselves.”

Pollution in China is becoming an issue because of all the factories and cars producing CO2 which is causing global warming. China is one of the world’s economic powerhouses 96% of china is polluted from all the factories and cars. “The three regions in question are producing 55 percent of China’s steel, 40 percent of its cement and 52 percent of its gasoline and diesel,” reported