Kickstarter of the Week: “Line Us” Robotic Drawing Arm Adds Mobility to Art


 Looking for a new way to express your creativity? Now Line Us has created a robotic drawing arm to help you with that. Their campaign on kickstarter ends on March 2nd and currently has raised over $89,000 of their original $48,000 goal.

The Line Us system copies your drawing from an Apple, Android, or Windows device. Then, the machine will copy it to a paper. The magic part is Line-us draws in exactly the same order you did.

Also, Line Us can function on any hard surface, even on a wall or fridge

Customers who purchase Line Us can code it to paint, to talk to other robots such as Scratch, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python and Processing.

To build your own Line Us Machine it costs $61, to purchase it pre made is $88.

“ I hope people enjoy drawing, sharing drawings, playing with what it can do, having some creative fun together.” Durrell Bishop, one of the two creators stated in an exclusive interview with The Matador Messenger.
The product can be viewed on Kickstarter.