Earth Experiences Near Miss By Asteroid

A 36 foot by 112-foot asteroid flew past Earth closer than the moon on January 9th, but the employees working at NEO (Near Earth Objects), didn’t discover the flying rock existed until January 7th, according to Google News.

The asteroid called 2017 AG past roughly 129,000 miles away, which is about half the distance of the moon to Earth. Had the asteroid hit the atmosphere, it would dissipate, but many red hot debris would hit the Earth and the blast force would be 30 times stronger than the bomb that hit Hiroshima, according to

Some people are wondering why the NEO wasn’t able to discover this asteroid earlier. Surprisingly, as much as 35 asteroids fly closer than the moon every month that aren’t discovered until it is past us, or until it’s right next to us. We’d all be more comfortable if we were able to see an oncoming meteor years in advance, much less days. If this happens, we can blow up a bomb near the asteroid and blow it off course, according to The Washington Post.