“Holy Safari, Batman!” Foxes are Flying!


We all have heard of flying squirrels,flying snakes, and flying fish but what about Flying foxes? Flying Foxes are type of bat species that are the largest bat in Australia with a body of a fox and wings of a bat. The wingspan of the Flying Fox can be up to 3 and a half feet long and they can weigh 2 and a half pounds, flying over 60 km in the sky according to a YouTube video.

The Fox’s habitats are the rain forest, swamps, and the woods. If you see these fox’s during the day they will be resting in colonies in a variety of places. They have a vicious scream but only eat fruits so you don’t need to be scared around these species. There are some predators that eat the Flying Fox, like pythons, sea eagles, ravens, currawongs and powerful owls according to  Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Most Flying Foxes stay in areas with sunlight like forests, some like staying in the shade of a cave. Many people hunt and eat Flying Foxes in Papua New Guinea. The people wait for the flying foxes to go into the water, then they capture them, according to   National Geographic.

In Queensland and New South Wales, Flying Foxes can carry a virus called Hendra virus. It has little to no effect on humans. Flying foxes usually pass on this virus to horses. Flying foxes help us keep our ecosystem at good health according to Australian Government.