China Launches Their Longest Space Mission Yet

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China launched its longest manned space mission sending two astronauts, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, to spend a month on board a space laboratory October 17th, reported

Since October 2003, China has completed five space flight missions, where the last one lasted fifteen days. The astronauts will remain in orbit for 33 days. Thirty of those days will be spent conducting experiments related to medicine, physics and biology, explained

“It is any astronaut’s dream and pursuit to be able to perform many space missions,” Jing Haipeng explained in an interview with

China has been developing its space program but is still catching up to the space powers of the United States and Russia, according to

China didn’t send its first satellite into space until 1970, which was after the United States put the first man on the moon. Since then, China has put a lot time into research and training. They are planning to send a robotic probe to mars and possibly going to the moon when the research is done, reported