Apple Introduces a Faster Apple Watch Series 2

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The Apple Watch Series 2, which starts at $369 and was available in stores and online from September 16,  has a new chip with the intent to make it faster than original Apple Watch. Apple adjusted the brightness with 1,000 nits at max, in  full sunlight as well, according to the

Additionally, a Nike+ version available for runners as well as the Hermès designer  editions. The Series 2 comes in another material, in addition to aluminum and stainless steel which include ceramic, with a white, glossy exterior that looks just gorgeous, explained

Apple is working on at least two stand alone apps for the Apple Watch, with the aim being to turn the watch and associated HealthKit platform “Into a tool that improves diagnoses. It’s a long way from facilitating Candy Crush, that’s for sure,” reported

“The newest Apple Watch may not look very different from the Apple wearable we knew, loved, and occasionally wanted to throw out a window when an app took too long to load — but much has changed under the hood: a faster processor and GPU, built-in GPS, increased water resistance for swimmers, and what might be the unsung hero of this version — dramatically increased battery life, especially on the 38mm watch,” according to