Biolite BaseLantern Brings Light Wherever You Go

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The Biolite BaseLantern is the world’s first flatpack lantern that combines breakthrough edge-lighting with bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable lighting solution that doubles as your own miniature smartgrid. The BaseLantern is not much bigger than your sandwich, but it can light large group settings, can charge phones, and other devices, reported Biolite Kickstarter page.

“The BaseLantern will create your own miniature smart-grid, completely off-grid,” BioLite said in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “This means you can use it to access light & power wherever you are: camping, power outages, at the beach, wherever you need access to powerful light in a portable form.”

BioLite was asked how long the light could last and they explained “The BaseLantern uses high-efficiency LEDs which don’t need to be replaced light halogen bulbs – it’s designed for years of use!”

Even you can support BioLite and their BaseLantern, they have a kickstarter page that has raised over 600,000 dollars with 3,857 backers. The BaseLantern will be available June 10th and can be ordered online at, unless you back them on KickStarter. In that case, you would be getting the BaseLantern early depending on how much you backed it.

BioLite has also created other products, like the SiteLights, which are able to hang on tree branches or other high reaching areas and hang down to lighten the gathering.

BioLite was asked on what advice they would give to young inventors, they said “Ask yourself ‘What problem am I solving?’ If you can answer that clearly and succinctly, you’re off to a great