Communicate With Fireflies With The Firefly Communicator

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Inventor Joey Stein has created the “Firefly Communicator”, a product that enables people to talk to fireflies.

“The Firefly Communicator is a keyring fob sized device that allows you to mimic the light patterns of fireflies attracting them to your vicinity with a simple push of a button,” according to

“Then I learned something amazing. Every firefly species that flashes, flashes its own unique flash code,” stated Stein, in an interview with the Matador Messenger, “Then I thought if I could emulate these flash codes, maybe I could talk to fireflies. Then I created this, the firefly communicator.”

“Firefly Communicator is a brand new device – the first of its kind – allowing people to mimic the light patterns of fireflies, attracting them with the press of a single button,” according to  reported, “Firefly Communicator’s simple yet elegant design has been streamlined for ease of use and can be programmed (using the cutting-edge SpeakFirefly app) to mimic known, existing firefly patterns or even those that have yet to be discovered – the number of possible patterns is limitless.”

“Scientists have found that firefly species generate unique light patterns to communicate with their own kind and to attract mates,” explained “Some species also use light flashes to lure other fireflies as prey, with females imitating the coded messages of other firefly species to trick males into coming closer so they can eat them.” 

According to Stein, to work the firefly communicator, “You press the button and it calls the fireflies. They come right to you.”

The Firefly Communicator has launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website looking to raise $10,000 to go into production. People have pledged $20,158 out of the $10,000 needed.

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