Australian Entrepreneurs Are Selling Canned Fresh Air To China

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China’s breathtaking appetite for all things  Australian – iron ore, real estate and baby formula – has gone sky high, according to Now Chinese citizenscould soon be getting a taste for Australian air, if two Sydney entrepreneurs have their way.

John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok have started up a business called Green Clean Air, to capture and bottle air. They bottle the air and sell it to China for ¥122.58 ($18.80). Each can is worth over 130 deep breaths, with the cap doubling as a facemask.

Creator John Dickinson explains, “Our goal was to invent and produce a meaningful innovative product that helped people while promoting  Australia and New Zealand.  There were many challenges along the way but we believe we have achieved this goal. We intend to continue to develop other pure air products for other applications also.”

Their method for doing this is strictly a secret, but, according to Dickinson, “We now have purpose built mobile air farming units that we can take anywhere and capture clean pure air.” They collect the air from various locations in Australia such as the Blue Mountain, Bondi Beach, Tasmania and Gold Coast. The company also sells canned New Zealand air, reports

Dickinson explains,“My partner and I have been working hard on this product for over twelve months. However our company and what we do was revealed to Australia and in fact the world approximately two weeks ago when we were covered on the national news.”

Dickinson’s words to all teens are: “Be willing and happy to get outside your comfort zone and not to be detracted from your goals due to the negativity of others.”