Is There a Difference Between Your Three States of Mind?

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“It’s just the tip of the iceberg,” this quote is often used to explain about what you know about your mind. You only really can understand your conscious mind, understanding your subconscious and unconscious mind can help you better understand your complex thinking.

The conscious mind, probably the most well known of the three, is your present thought and your awareness to the environment around you. Scientifically stated on, it describes it as mental functions happening.

The unconscious mind is the biggest part of the mind. According to, nobody knows what information is stored in the unconscious mind. It is believed that this part of the mind is used to keep subconscious impulses at bay. The unconscious mind store our biological instincts as well.

The subconscious mind is smarter than many people think. Something unfortunate about the subconscious mind is that can help lead you to achieving success, but only if you call upon it. The conscious mind is the gateway into the subconscious mind explained

It is a common misconception that we know our own minds,” stated “The big debate in psychology is exactly what is done by the unconscious, and what requires conscious thought.”