Earth-like Planets Discovered Orbiting Dwarf Star


courtesy of : globalnews

Belgium scientists have discovered three earth-like planets on May 3,2016 that may contain life and water, wrote cnn.

The sizes of all three planets are similar to the size of Venus and Earth and hold the best possible sign of life in the solar system, added

The group of international astronomers from MIT, NASA, the University California in San Diego, the University of Liège and other scientists from all around the world made the discovery, reported

“This really is a paradigm shift with regards to the planet population and the path towards finding life in the Universe,” said Emmanuël Jehin, a co-author of the new study and an astronomer at the University of Liège in Belgium.

After a long period of 62 nights from September to December 2015, researchers led by Gillion used the telescope, also called Trappist, to observe its starlight and changes in brightness, stated Sci-tech Today

The team saw shadows, like little eclipses, periodically interrupting the steady pattern of starlight. Using a telescope that can detect infrared light added an advantage that visible light camera programs don’t provide, wrote Washington Post.